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About us

Elkhodery Accounting Group ( KAG )

It is a group that was established in 1995 and has been keen since its inception to provide its services in various accounting fields with high quality and professionalism and in accordance with the highest international standards. The group includes a group of certified accountants with long and accumulated experiences in all accounting fields.

Our Knowledge is gained through our experience

A dedicated team to fulfill your requests

Why We Are Special

  • Confidence

    We believe in providing the best services and high efficiency

  • Accuracy in action

    We carry out all work with high accuracy.

  • Quality

    The quality of doing business is what sets us apart.

  • Customer confidentiality

    The confidentiality of our data comes first.

About Founder

A chartered accountant, tax expert, registered in the register of accountants and auditors under number 11370, holding a degree of auditors for joint stock companies, 2003

Mr.Mostafa Ahmed Elkhodery

Chartered Accountant – Tax Expert
References for joint stock companies
Member of the Financial Supervisory Authority
Judicial guard at the Ministry of Justice
Member of the Value Added Tax Appeal Committee
Fellow of the Egyptian Society of Accountants and Legal Auditors